demos #1

by cat be damned

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a collection of demos & some extra things that i've recorded up until this point (may 2015). some are old songs, some will become songs, some might not ever become songs.


released 13 May 2015

everything written/played/recorded by erik phillips at the vanilla dome in fredericksburg, va and desert colossus in richmond, va.



all rights reserved


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cat be damned Richmond, Virginia

erik phillips writes music

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Track Name: a bed of flowers beside i-95 (demo)
a bed of flowers lies beside interstate 95, white and yellow like the patterns in the traffic lines. virginia skies you live below. habit pulls you down the road. people get pissed when you drive slow. a television playing kids' bible shows and you watch them too. now your body lies beside interstate 95. the flowers in your eyes attract the bees. your friends get high when you just won't. rain gets poured so weeds get grown. you think out loud and talk too close. see how far this tower's signal goes so you can go on too.
Track Name: wet matches (demo)
sticking your tongue into the socket just for the sake of learning how. some things you never learn from talking. don't you know how to pull it out? so you stare into the wall, listen to your mother call on the phone. you wouldn't pick it up even if you could. wooden matches burning wood get fucked up in your pockets in the wash. walk out the door but you don't lock it. it's easier to leave the keys inside. eating the keys to all your lockets. break them if you want to look inside, but there's nothing there to see. droppping matches at your feet in the sand while you're waiting for the tide, waiting to get wet. burning matches for a bet that you lost because you didn't even try. draw an exclamation point. burning matches: what's the point? i don't know, because i never really tried.
Track Name: dial-a-prayer (demo)
say a prayer from me for her to no one in particular. filed nails fill garbage pales. summer sweats suppressed by hail. eyelids hurt when daylight burns, that's for sure. called to tell you, "go away." sitting on my ass to pray. 1-800-make-a-friend. one call ends where one begins. feeling down so you hang up. left a message, "please shut up." making phone calls, saying prayers: what's the difference, and who cares? called to ask, "come back and stay." you can't pray at me that way.
Track Name: patron saint of bloody gums (demo)
songs about dying as preparation. i'm making my life its own celebration, an imitation of itself. the walls are growing off the shelves. i'm at work but my leg won't stand up. god takes back as i walk in with my hands up, my face wrapped around my head--a different sound than being dead. now i'm bleeding out of my teeth again. i'm bleeding out in front of my friends. say a little prayer addressed to myself, the most precious space you can buy and sell. a hospital shaped like a church, words shaped like a bruise that hurts. i'm taking up space in the ER lot. i don't know how to laugh, but i sure can cough. my car stays in park, everything gets equally dark. i see the bodies move in the front. it means i can park wherever i want.
Track Name: cop (demo)
that cop, maybe he just needs money. your jokes, maybe they're not so funny. it's not that; i'm sure we're all out of laughs. one day, all of the trees got old and they made all the soil fold, and you saw that you were only the same. stay away from me. that cop, maybe he killed that kid. that cop, maybe he'll say he did. probably not, because he's only a cop. think back: what was it that he said? mouth holes hide what's inside a head. tongues and teeth, they only get in the way. stay away from me. get away from me now. go away.
Track Name: jesus walked where you drowned (demo)
songs for everyone i know (that's no one). if there's a solid bone, why don't you show me one? "because they only show through gashes." break the skin with all the glass that's in your hands. kneeling at the empty riverbed. jesus walked in places where you're going to drown instead, but you'll only feel the scratches. what's the feeling lighting matches on your hands, against your teeth? spend a day in bed; some dirty sheets.
Track Name: the james river (demo)
i live by the river now and someday live alone. "the river's made up of stuff like me," i say into my phone. i have dreams that i wake up on a river made of rocks. i get woke up every time because i live by a clock. birds called out to talk to someone so i called out to them. the birds turned into people; i turned into my only friend. in his newfound body, one called out to me again. i couldn't understand him: that's how conversations end.
Track Name: cloud shape (demo)
ferris wheel moves, but it won't go anywhere. the wind that spins the pinwheel is the same that blows your hair. clouds could do whatever but they'll just stay over there. the ground pushing up on my feet is held down by the air. these clouds aren't shaped like anything. anything you see is what you already think.
Track Name: come over (demo)
come over. we'll get in my car and run over anything we want to kill, because i paid for gas and we've got time and minds to kill and then pretend we care about. either it's broke or it's a scam. either my lungs or it's my hands that's broken. either i'm broke or broke my hands. either i don't or understand what's spoken. come over. we'll run over how we feel. this station's straight-to-dvd. salvation in the number on the screen you see spells out a word, but not one you can read aloud, so try and sound it out.
Track Name: patron saint of interest rates (demo)
i would like to do things just like i'm supposed to, or as close to as i can. though your bills can stack, they won't hold any weight or stand to pressure. neither can i. that's a lie: you see me standing here, i'm making noises. all of these noises are on loan, paid on my own. i'm in heaven getting postcards in the mail with pretty cathedrals drawn on the front. all the places in church filled up with space fill up with people. sitting up front, standing up. in efforts to get my attention, they sing in their voices. all of their noises are on loan, paid on their own.